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Self Defense 101: Counter Ambush


We are offering SD 101 starting September 14th, 2020, however with returning students from our last SD 101 program (cut short due to the lockdown), class size restrictions due to Covid-19 and our waiting list, this class is currently sold out. We are hopeful that if class sizes are allowed to increase that we we will be able offer more spaces. 


Who is this For: 
NO PREVIOUS MARTIAL ARTS EXPERIENCE NEEDED, this is a ground up intro class to get you ready for the Progressive Krav system. Do this class as a one off or use it to continue training with KPC. The class is designed for people with absolutely no experience, however having previous martial arts experience is not a detriment, and for safety reasons, everyone regardless of experience starts from here. This class is for Adults only, the minimum age to participate is 19. 
Focus: Counter Ambush- getting through the first few secounds of an unanticipated assault. 
Subjects Covered:  Defenses against common types of assault including striking, knife defense, controls, impact weapons and gun disarms.Class Length: 55 min with a ten minute warm up
Fitness Level: Moderate- Starts out slow but builds towards the end of the program. 
Equipment Required: athletic clothing and indoor shoes. mouth guards, eye protection (racquetball goggles) and groin protection are  required later on in the session. 
Time:  Monday and Wednesday evenings 8:35 - 9:35p.m.
Length: 24 one hour twice weekly classes per session.


COST: $258.75 for full Session, $224.25 for Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders.
contact us for e-transfer or to arrange to pay by cheque or cash in person.
We also offer the SD 101 curriculum for small group/semi-private and corporate training sessions on a limited basis. Please Contact us for more details.
Self Defense 102:


For those who have completed 101 and  want to continue training, this class is for them.This class is usually offered immediately after the Self Defense 101 program has been completed, in the same time slot. It is a continuation of the techniques and concepts taught in 101, with more of an emphasis on criminal psychology, predatory strategies and multiple attackers. Once this class is completed, students are free to join any of the programs offered in the Progressive Krav Maga program. 





















Mondays and Wednesdays 7:35-8:35 pm 
This program is for experienced students who have completed Self Defense 101 and 102. This class offers a variety of programs based on a cycle, rotating each session, including:
Asymetric Sparring- This is our core striking program, drawing from Boxing, Jeet Kune Do and Muay Thai primarily, but applying it in non sport fighting context. Our counter ambush programs are for getting through the first 3 seconds of an unplanned unavoidable assault. This is for getting through the next few minutes, or when the assault starts from a further distance than an ambush.
Enhanced Fundamentals - Training with padded armour - in this course we take the empty handed defensive fundamentals from our Self Defense 101 and 102 programs and stress them with more intensity with training gear including head gear, body armour and gloves.
Weapons Training: The purpose of this program is training the use weapons in a legally defensible and responsible way, with weapons that are readily available in the everyday environment, taking principles from the Filipino martial arts with 2 basic types of weapons trained - impact and edged.
Ground Fighting- Principles are taken from Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Wrestling, focusing on getting the fight off the ground as quickly as possible.  This program is for developing basic ground skills to deal with the average untrained attacker to someone with entry level martial arts training. If you are worried about a dealing with a highly skilled ground fighter, there’s no better training than BJJ. This is not that.