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Halifax Training Group

We are a small training group expanded from the original KPC Self Defense  full time Gym in Edmonton. We started offering classes here in the HRM in September 2014 and have run continuosly since then.
The roots of the physical tactics of our system are primarily Krav Maga, supplemented by other arts including the Filipino Martial Arts and Jeet Kune do. What we teach wouldn't be considered traditional martial arts - or even “traditional” Krav Maga. 
We are in a constant state of program evolution, pressure testing what we do, backed by research and scientific principles.
The goal is always to get home safe, regardless of technique. That can mean avoidance, de-escalation or the use of physical force depending on the circumstances. Our curriculum is focused on defending against the most common types of assault in North America, developed with information  from Stats Canada and the FBI Database and in consideration of Canadian self defense law. 
 Our class sizes have limited space. Please be aware we take on new students once or twice a year. We are resuming training September 14th 2020, however with Covid restrictions on class size, returning students and our waiting list we are unable to offer any spots presently. We are hopefuly to be able to offer more spots should class sizes increase.
We train in a safe, friendly and ego free environment.


We start with prescribed responses  to untrained types of assault using common patterns of movement reliant on gross motor skills, building to fall back strategies when the initial response starts to fail or the attack changes in the dynamics of a violent encounter.
We focus on two main goals: escape and counter ambush.
Our programs cover several areas including  control tactics (restraints),  groundfighting, multiple attackers and defense against weapons. 





Violence doesn't happen in a vacuum. You have to consider the psychological, physiological and legal aspects of self defense. We talk about what happens before, during and after a violent assault covering varies subjects including: awareness and avoidance,  de-escalation, understanding criminal behaviours, victim selection, the effects of adrenal stress on performance and the aftermath of a violent incident. 
 We are heavily influenced in this material by Sgt. Rory Miller, author of "Meditations on Violence".